The Internet is a big, varied, entertaining, and definitely interesting place. What we have here is a currently small but entirely expandable list of popular websites for teens and young people. As with all internet time, please be sure to let your parents know before dipping your toes in the vast pool that is the World Wide Web.

If you'd like to recommend a website for this list, just drop us line, via email, Facebook, or in person! 

For parents: please take the time to visit these websites yourselves! While video games, those Japanese cartoons, and posting funny pictures of rabbits with pancakes on their heads might not be your cup of tea, familiarity with and a comfortable understanding of your teen's hobbies and interests can not only help you to better monitor their internet usage, but also to show them that the things they love matter to you, too!

Affordable Colleges Online and Affordable Colleges Online: Texas

A collection of free, in-depth resources to help students find accredited, budget-friendly online college and university degree programs. To create their guidebooks and rankings, the dilligent staff of Affordable Colleges Online use data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the Integrated Post-secondary Education Data System as well as the Carnegie Foundation.  Thorough, well-researched, and available to all aspiring students, this resource is a must see for recent and soon-to-be teen graduates.


Accredited Colleges: Writing Center

Presented here is a quick, clear, well-rounded look at the writing errors most common in student work, brought to you by our friends at the non-profit Accredited Colleges.  Whether you are still hip-deep in high school work or about to head out into the wider, college-bound world, this primer can help keep your writing on target and error-free!



The premier social media website and an excellent way to not only connect with friends and family but also with your community and interests. All users should keep in mind that Facebook records and shares a great deal of your personal information. Always be aware of what you type, teens, and if you want other people to see it or not!



You know it, you love it, you probably watch clips from your favorite shows and music videos on it, Youtube is the go-to not only for watching media of all type, but sharing it, too! Moderated to a certain extent, parents keep in mind that while explicit content is policed fairly well, this often doesn't extend to language!



Originally launched as an image-sharing site, Tumblr has become a new social media outlet all on its own, while still focusing heavily on images, videos, gifs, and sound posts. With an easy, intuitive sign-up and posting process, Tumblr is very friendly to new users, but is not moderated in its content outside of tags. Recommended for older teens only!



A second image-sharing site, Pinterest is newer and a little more focused than Tumblr, revolving around the sharing and re-sharing of images related to specific interests, hobbies, projects, crafts, and so on. 'Board's on the website collect images based on themes, rather than providing lists via tags, and so can be viewed a little more quickly and easily. Great when you need some inspiration, especially for personal projects!


Shelfari and Shelf Awareness

Two websites with a common goal but different methods of reaching it! Shelfari is a book-sharing site generated entirely by users, who create 'bookshelves' of their favorite reads and related novels so that the world can enjoy them as well. Shelf Awareness is a moderated site to share industry news and developments, not only to announce new books but to keep users up-to-date on all literary happenings. Both are quite free to use and highly recommended by this library!


Anime News Network

An industry website for all things Anime launched an astounding fifteen years ago, this frequently updated resource boasts not only the newest and most exciting word on Anime launching in Japan as well as coming to our shores, it also hosts an archive of domestic releases. Old and new fans alike can use it not only to keep up to date on their favorite genre but also find information about shows and releases of years past.


FanFiction.Net and Fiction Press

Another fifteen year veteran of the Internet, is the world's largest website devoted to stories and poems based on established works, which can be anything from Transformers to Les Miserables. Free to use and with a massive community, has long been a fan's first platform not only for their own creativity but for interacting with like-minded people online. Fiction Press is an offshoot site brought to you by the same team, but this time for original works only, letting young authors get their own written material out there for the world to read. Both sites are moderated, especially for 18+ content, making them comfortable places for most young people.



Now take that creativity and direct it into a visual medium! While DA does have posting options for the written word, this website has long been a sharing site for images and crafted art of all types, ranging from traditional pen and paper to sculpting to textiles! The overwhelming majority of the content posted and shared by users, however, is that of images, acting as one of the largest platforms for posting digital art, drawn and painted art, and photographs available - for free! - today. Some content does contain nudity or explicit subjects in an artistic sense, so parents be sure to help your teens navigate the site while posting their own work!